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debate night in oakland as nine candidates for mayor appear together on one stage. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
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without mayor dellums running for mayor, it's wide open. >> reporter: if there's one thing candidates agreed on, it's that oakland needs a new mayor. >> my name is arnold fields, the next may mayor of oakland. >> reporter: today nine of them showed up for a mayoral debate. >> we have one of the best weather. why can't we harness that energy and give pg & e for its money. >> reporter: there was young jr., hash, field, quan and t
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uman. the nine addressed education and unemployment. >> there are solutions everywhere. we can enforce local hire and grow our businesses. >> the one thing that is for sure one taxes are not going to solve our problems. >> reporter: a recent oakland chamber of commerce has don perrata with a lead over qu ark n. the two only went head to head on one issue, how the get oakland out of its budget shortfall. >> we would lose about $5 billion of retail a year. >> you don't build retail by
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fining people $55 for an overdue parking ticket. >> reporter: don perrata may have a slight edge on that poll. for the first time oakland will have ranked choice voting on election day. that means second and third place counts. and if you would like to learn more,we're in the process right now of posting raw video now of our debate. look for the election tab. >> a record budget stalemate may soon be over with the announcement of a tentive deal. the so callbid with a frame wor with a deal. if it sticks, we will end an impasse which is now on its 85th day. the talks are set to continue through the weekend but the finishing touches on a deal. a spokesman for the governor says they hope to have it
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finalized by late monday afternoon -f there is a slight hint about what we can expect. >> the governor is not going to agree to any taxes. he said all along we can't do this by taxing our way out of every problem. we have to take the money we have and work on our means. >> if it comes up with a budget, it's then up to to them to come up with the language. california's budget troubles will cost hundreds of people their jobs. robert vergenel said a
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consulling official has con consulted their managers have too much money. a jury in san francisco has convicted a 24-year-old man of murder in connection with a police chase that ended with the death of a police officer. 29-year-old nick thomacito birco died. today in a courtroom at the hall of justice, jurors found patrili guilty. patrili's attorney forced the others had forced him to take a part in the crime. a campus alert is being
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released. in one week's time, two women have been assaulted in one parking garage. >> i definitely heard about that, that's pretty scary because i park over here. >> reporter: the latest atang attack was around 4:00 tuesday afternoon. the second woman was walking the parking lot. the suspect is latino and 40 to 50 years old. >> the suspect pulled on her sweatshirt from behind then pushed her against a hall wall. after she pushed around, he attempted to push himself against her. and she fought back. >> reporter: chief aguirre says the victim was able to break free and get get into her car. the man did not follow. >> i'm very concerned about my
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safety especially walking home after class. >> reporter: last tuesday, a woman arriving to class in another parking garage near a science building was pushed back into her car and raped. the suspect description is different. a heavy set african american man wearing a ski mask. >> when it gets the that point it's scary. what do you do? you don't know if the person is armed, you don't know how dangerous they are. it's definitely a scary situation. >> reporter: police say they are patrolling the parking lot. >> there's also times when students are not on campus parking lots are semi vacant which also could lead to criminal elements thinking that this is a good target of opportunity as well. >> reporter: police say they are working on suspect sketches, two of the women we talked to tonight say they are
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carrying pepper spray. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. police have released a sketch of a man who attempted to attack a jogger. the incident happened sunday on a trail just outside the san jose city limits. the attacker hit the woman. she fought him off and was able to escape. clean up crews began to work on clean up today. what's recyclable was separated out. it will then be hauled to the landfill.
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in addition to cleaning out homesites, crewss have to remove vehicles and a jungle gym. crews say they want to give family as clean slate to rebuild. >> what we're doing is taking this off of their mine so they can come in a few weeks and see the property cleaned up will help them in the recovery process. >> reporter: they say thatly stop if there's rain or the conditions are not safe. >> reporter: the california public's commission says it will put together a panel to investigate the fire. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: julie what happened here at san bruno raises questions about what needs to be done to prevent another disaster. >> the cpuc passed a resolution
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today enabling it's president to put together a panel. >> the real question is how the panel is going to be. >> reporter: tony says in order for the panel to be truly independent it must be a consumer advocate on board. >> the public is looking for people they can trust. and right now people don't trust pg & e and thankfully a lot of people don't trust the cpuc itself right now. >> reporter: the appointed members of the new panel will have extensive dodge of pipelines and experience in investigations. >> that's going to be the hardest part is find someone that's independent that has not worked for or consulted with in
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some way with the industry. >> reporter: they plan to release information on where the most hazardous pipelines are located. hill says he's also looking into whether the cpuc needs more power. that the agency does repairs in a timely manner. >> i'm going to continue to are view their actions. pg & e says it plans to comply with any legislation. >> pg & e needs to cover the cost of this investigation. >> reporter: it's unclear when the panel will come up with
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recommendations. the transit agency says it'll posta sign along a 5-mile stretch. caltrans officials say mental health professionals helped develop the signs. the signs will include a hot line number for a crisis intervention center. 11 people committed suicide on caltrans last year. it is a mild day in the bay area. what's in store for tomorrow? bill martin joins us with your friday forecast in just a few minutes. the american delegation walks out during the speech at the united states nations, find out
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an officer heard the gunshots and when police arrived they found a man and woman injured. police say they have made no arrest. the highway patrol says it is reviewing its statewide policy on highway pursuits. that world came as two south
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bay families say goodbye today to two young men who were passengers in an ill fated chase. family and friends of two men who died in a san jose vehicle crash gathered today at the accident scene for a memorial before a rosary service tonight. jose varela and vicente resa were backseat passengerred of a crack thursday when police say the teenage driver, jose hernandez sped away from chp officers who tried to pull him over, over a missing license plate. they say the patrol should stick to the highway. >> they have no business in a residential or even in a city. chp i don't even know what it
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stands for no more. >> reporter: sam ricardo points out the driver fleeing from the chp killed a young woman. ricardo and other officials asked the chp commissioners to reconsider the policy regarding a mandatory pursuit. ricardo wants one much like the -- for the family of the two mourned tonight that's little consolation. >> a lot of people suffered, you feel this is avoidable. yeah, if they would have stayed on the highway my brother would have probably been at work
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right now. >> reporter: the chp and councilman ricardo are set to meet again. at the united nations today president obama challenged the world to help israelis and pelestinians reach a peace agreement within a year. president obama reached a hand no iran but continues that its peaceful. several hours after president obama spoke, iran's
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president spoke. mr.ahmadinejad said they did that to assure israel's survival. the u.s. delegation decided it had heard enough and walked out. it's not every day that a bill is recommended. the bill would accomplish a national commission to revamp the national system. >> reporter: this billboard may soon be rolling through your neighborhood as it crosses your state. today naacp leaders unveiled the sign hoping to drum up support for the national criminal commission for the act of 2010. >> we do not have a department of kráebgs, we have a department of lock up, and training criminals. >> reporter: the u.s. is home to 5% of the world's population, but houses 25% of the world's reported criminals. in california, the naacp says
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in -t the last 20 years, the corrections department has grown. leaders here say they hope the federal criminal justice act will change that. if the bill passes a u.s. senate, the economy will be formed and it will take 18 months review every aspect of the criminal justice system. from there they will make recommendations on how to improve. >> we spend $5,000 per pupil here in san francisco and over $100,000 per person in the prisons. >> reporter: one former police
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chief who's the current direction of criminal justice says for the act to be successful it should also look at the information system. >> a kid who might have gotten a kick in the seat of the pants is now been referred to the juvenile justice system. >> reporter: the best prevention poll is a good idea system. the bill would authorize $18 million for a year of this study. a big temperature increase today, numbers came up a good 10, some places 15 degrees. in concord 44. the high in fairfield 84. we're headed for a big warm up. it's clear out there, maybe some patchy fog along the coast. sunny tomorrow, warmer for many locations, of course the extended forecast calls for a
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mayor heat up. the 90s are coming back into the bay area forecast. as it heats up tomorrow you'll notice it. fire danger goes up and the fire danger goes up. i'm going to come back with the four day forecast. i'm going to tell you which day is the hottest. a judge today set a november trial day for the man accused of killing chauncey bay. but the judge said the case needs to go to trial but that he would consider a change of venue depending on how jury selection goes. one of the first moves expected is a motion by mackey's lawyer to try the men separately. bailey wiz shot to death in twáefp 2007 as he was walking to work. did your facebook page failed to load today. why millions
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our real national pastime?
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saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise.
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. facebook says it has restored full service to its website after millions of the users were unable to open up their profile. the outage was not the result of a hacker attack said facebook. a bay area company is a step closer to building a solar plant in souther california. it would be built on public
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land near the mohabe desert. but environmentists say it will endanger a turtle. and grape harvest is starting and the last thing growers want now is rain. they say if it stays dry they expect to have a good harvest. they should have a lot of penoit grapes. fewer children were killed on u.s. highways last year than in 2008. even so, vehicle crashes we main the leading cause of death for children three to 14 yearsology. the report says 1,400 children
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14 and under were killed in car accidents in 2009. that was three% fewer than a year before. the government recommends car seats for children up to 80- pound and booster seats until they are eight years old. prosecutors charged two teenagers today for a crash involving alcohol. a 15-year-old boy died and the others were injured. the 16-year-old driver was charged with gross vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated and felony dui. since he is a minor, his name has not been released. prosecutors say he will be tried as a juvenile and could be behind bars until he's 19. the man accused of shooting a police officer last month is facing additional charges. prosecutors filed two additional charges against andrew barrientos. they say the charges are
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related to a fight between barrientos and his girlfriend. it's that incident that led to officers trying to serve a warrant for barrientos. barrientos is scheduled to enter a plea next thursday. officer young remains hospitalized tonight but there is word that he could be released in two weeks. the 39-year-old officer was shot twice and had been through a number of surgeries. and next, meg whitman takes a stand on a controversial issue. that and how ú
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new explorations are in the works to figure out if a sunken tanker could force a threat to the environment. when it went down it held crude oil. scientists hope to use a submergible robot to find if the oil is still there. green was the color to the of the governor's race. brown toured a roofing industry. but whitman fired back with an environmental announcement of her own. ken pritchett has the report. >> attorney general jerry brown toured a solar panel this morning for a green themed campaign event. brown said california's renewable energy has faded, lost ground that should be
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regained. >> it takes cooperation and it takes stopping the oil addicting proposition 23. >> reporter: proposition 23 would effectively overturn california's landmark greenhouse gas law designed to reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels to 200. if passed, proposition 23 was suspended until state unemployment dipped below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. brown took a swipe at his opponent meg whitman on the opposition. >> is she for 23 or against it. >> reporter: what brown didn't know is that this morning whitman stated her positions on all of the propositions on the november 2nd ballot and on proposition 23 she joined brown in opposing it. >> meg whitman believes you could be be both smart and green. she believes her plan is better than prop 23. >> reporter: brown's plan is to
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suspend the law for one year then decide if it should be suspended. >> 97% of the economy isn't something else. you have to make sure you don't destroy the 97%. brown has called on whitman to renege on her pledge to suspend california's warming law. the whitman campaign says now that she has taken a stand on all the proposition, that whitman brown should be the same. a new poll shows boxer closing in the the race. that is towel the three-point lead she held in july. boxer's gains coinside with an on slot of ads of her campaign. >> what boxer is attempting to
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do through advertising is to try to define fiorina for those voters before fiorina has a chance to define herself. >> reporter: it is also the first field poll since the two senate candidates square off in their only televised debate. carly fiorina's campaign down played any -- house speaker nancy pelosi signed the bill before sending it on to the white house. it's the last part of the president's job agenda he promoted earlier this year. the $40 billion bill is designed to help struggling small business more easily get credit. it also provides incentives for them to expand and hire new workers. and jobs are what macy says it plans to add within the next few weeks. sal castaneda explains why the
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department store chain is betting big on the holidays. macy's announced it will hire 16,000 seasonal workers for if 2010 season. this is a slight increase from last year. some say a sign the retailer expects an improvement in holiday sales. >> they have to do well during the retail season, this is make or break. especially for a store like macy's. that they're hiring i think means they feel optimistic. they expect store sales to be up until the last part of in year. macy's may also want to improve customer service. >> they got bad marks from consumers last holiday season for their service, i think they're trying to compensate a little bit for that this summer. >> reporter: her clients are spending more on clothes this year. >> i'm seeing it. my clients are feeling better about everything in general. the economy in general. >> reporter: but not everyone says they're going to spend
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more. >> i'm generally a penny pincher any way. even in good times i watch my spending. >> reporter: the holiday work will be on nights and weekends and will end after the holiday season, hiring should begin in early october. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu news. real estate analysts say 2010 is not shaping up to be a good year and likely will be as bad as it was last year. home prices are down across the country and experts suggest americans are too worried about personal economics. even so better than expected existing home sales led to a mini rally early today on wall
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street. the dow was off 76 points, the nasdaq lost seven. coming up next, why a bart station was renamed today. plus a multiple murder in seattle. a survivor says her mom went crazy. and coming up, which days on the weekend are going to be the hottest. a warning for families afteú u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu .
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aswh mte in seattle police say a mother shot and killed three people then took her own life. when police arrived, a woman who was wounded ran to them and said that her mom had gone crazy. police say they believed the mother in her 50s was the shooter and that she acted
12:09 am
alone. the dead included two teenagers and a man in his 30s. >> the first woman to be executed in the u.s. in five years was put to death tonight in virginia. teresa williams died by lethal injection. witnesses said she looked frightened and nervous as she entered the death chamber. at one point it appeared a corrections officer tried to calm her down. williams was accused of the planning to kill her husband and stepson so she could collect on their life insurance. the attempts to lure five children have taken place in the last week and a half. brentwood police say a man tried to lure children by telling them their parents
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asked him to walk them to their soccer game. similar incidents have taken place near walnut creek. >> if anyone comes up that you do not know, don't go with them. no matter how convincing they are, do not go with somebody you do not know. >> reporter: police say the cases in different cities appear to be unrelated, all three men reportedly have different descriptions. the pleasanthill bart station is getting a new name. bart directors approved changing it to the pleasanthill the contra costa center bart station. the idea is to better represent the transit center village where the station is located. the transit village developer and the redevelopment agency are picking up the tab. in news of the world tonight in the philippines clashes erupted today when police tried to force squatters at a shanty town to move. officials said the 6,000
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residents will be relocated. several officers were injured and the main highway in manila was shut town for most of the day. in france, almost 1 million people took to the streets to protest president zarkozy's plan to change the retirement age. in canada, a mosque arrived today at a small community in the northwest territories. there's an increasing muslim population there and an islamic charity helped to build the mosque and ship it. the mosque needs carpet anded doors. the mosque should be completed in about a month. a federal judge two weeks ago ordered the military to
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stop discharging any u.s. military personnel any where in the world under its ban on gay and lesbian service members. but government attorneys say the service must be will only affect those officers seen in court. doctors say the girls have a cholesterol build up in their brains resulted in alzheimer's like symptoms. the treatment is scheduled to begin in 10 days. some people looking for work are getting help to prepare for job interviews from
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an unlikely source. bart. today bart collected gently used clothes. the group says being dressed well can be crucial when it comes to making a positive first impression. how long will you live? new statistics suggest it's all about location, location location. health according to your zip code coming
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where you live can make a big difference on how long you live. a new website in san francisco offered all kinds of information to help people live
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longer. debra villalon is live with more. >> reporter: we're in san francisco where residents are expected to live longer than those in hunters point. the numbers are there for all to see. we stopped this 17-year-old coming out of mcdonalds. she's not surprised to learn her neighborhood is in generally poor health than other parts of the city. >> we have more fast food places around here. i don't know if they have that many over there. but we don't have that many doctors over here or that many farmers market. >> reporter: by zip code, by race, by age, this online report card breaks down where san franciscans are hitting their health targets. more women tkpwáet mammograms here than -- more women get mammograms here than other places.
12:17 am
the financial district is by far the riskiest place to step off a curb and possibly get hit by a card. >> we're drowning in data these days. >> reporter: the hospitals and health groups blind the data signs statistics say it's a vital way to improve performance. >> change happens when when you are productive. >> tenderloin, south market and bay view. >> reporter: nadine burke runs a clinic in the bay view district and sees disparity in patients all the time. >> if there's one part of town that just being born there means you're likely to live 14 fewer years than in another part of town, there's something really wrong. >> reporter: today was the launch of the vital signs feature, it's part of the health matters website. it's already been checked out by more than 2,000 people
12:18 am
that's about 10 times the normal traffic for that site. we have the link -- link on our website the california pacific council got an ear full today. the facility would be 555 beds. cpmd says public transit makes the location ideal. but residents say the hospital would be too big and would snarl traffic. >> where are you going to put the ambulance? where are you going to put the people? where are you going to put the trucks and all this stuff? >> reporter: the hospital would be built where the old cathedral hill hotel is located. the public hearing period on
12:19 am
the proposed hospitals runs through october 19th. there is a new addition to oakland's auto row and it's not like any other dealership there. honda opened a new green auto. weather came up a good 10 to 15 degrees. today got into the mid-80s in some of the warm spots. watch what happened as you we go through time. take a look at monday, every other day it pops up. the general temperature trend, and it started off pretty cool but now temperatures are up on monday and tuesday. fire danger an issue this
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weekend. certainly the height of the fire season. there's an air quality component as wellful well. we'll watch all that for you as well. there might be some patches of it but not a big deal. the weekend, warm to hot. we knew that was coming. it's an indian summer type pattern. this isn't abnormal, this is what happens in the fall. i know you've lived here for a long time and this is what you expect. so don't be fooled by all this major heat. this is what happened, the high pressure builds in as low pressures move through and the jet stream becomes more active. the air sinks and as it sinks it warms. it also starts to turn. mild today, warmer on saturday, hotter on monday. just a general upward trend right through the bay area weekend and early into next week. here come the reds.
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here come the 90s for tomorrow's forecast. those reds are all coming this way. so it's definitely a warm up around here. record heat, some hot spots, but this is a tough time of year to get records. san francisco is like 94 degrees, tomorrow i got san francisco much cooler than that. 86 tomorrow in nevado, # six in vallejo, love this time of year but just take it slow. plenty of fluids, if you're going out to the beach. a lot of people empty out in the urban area out to sharps park or ocean beach. the swell is coming up so just think about it. they have life guards out there but they can't watch all of you. 78 in san bruno, nine in daily city. santa cruz, daven port just outstanding weather. the new story, we'll be concerned with most tomorrow and mark tamayo over the weekend will be fire danger which of course we're in the
12:22 am
height of fire season. so that's the only down shot to all of this. >> thank you bill. the golden
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mark is here with sports. i guess you have to say a lot of people were expecting it and today it happened. >> we talk basketball right off the talk and the nba's all time winningest coach won't rack up a another one around here. donell son out as coach of the warriors. with new leadership ready to take over, the lawyers drastically in need of a new look. calls for nelson to receive 6 million, he was due for his full-time year for his new con track. and keith smart will be named the team's new coach early next week with training camp set to start as well next week. downright weird with how the giant offense seems to work. the the pitching always stingy, 17 straight games now having allowed three runs or less.
12:26 am
it's hard to top that. speaking of top that, given a choice we will probably go with the fish head hat. but nine runs second for the giants, juan uribe the first to get it rocking two run shot on the waveland avenue over the bleachers off ryan dempster. same inning, same guy, bases loaded this time, again a grand slam the 22nd homer of the year. and not to be forgotten. he always seems to show up in the highlights. the win six shut occupy innings of work for him as the great voice vince skullly said tonight, moving day for the padres. moving out of first place, thank you to the dodgers from all giant fans. andre ethier had a couple of good hits off the padres. rbi single here, breaking a 1-1
12:27 am
tie. tieing rafael. here it is on paper sort to speak. giants on top of the west by five games. pirates host cinci. you know what the a's know a little something about shut out baseball as well as they throw a league leading blank job at the rangers. simple math tells you oakland is still alive. 16 out ahead of texas with ten to play. a long shot but they take care of cliff lee the rangers eighth. steve toleson with a shot into the left hand corner. his big legal rbi, his second double of the game. a's help out dallas braden, they had a little defense going. vladi guerrero, line high pop into the coliseum. dave gross covers ground with a beautiful catch right there and
12:28 am
dallas braden likes what he sees. aden for braden, gives up a hit. a's and giants don't give up a single run. that's the sports life for a thursday night. >> that
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